You will note that the sales page does not make any sort of exaggerated claims as to the money that you could make over the long-term by using the Football Cash Machine System.
As you would expect, I cannot guarantee that you will be able to make money with the Football Cash Machine System.
It certainly works for me but, of course, you are not me. The system rules are simple & straightforward but experience has shown me that some people simply aren’t able to follow rules & insist on making changes to what I tell them to do. That is usually the recipe for disaster but it is always the system & the system vendor that is held to be at fault by those people who don’t follow the system rules.
In my opinion, the Football Cash Machine System will make you money if applied correctly. By sticking to the staking rules & using ‘compounding’ to grow your betting bank, then you should be able to build up a considerable amount of money over time.
What you can do to replicate my results is to sign up for my tipping service at  With this service, I only give those tips on which I myself am placing bets. The subscription is only £10 per month but note that you MUST have purchased the Football Cash Machine system to be able to use the tips.