Over the past 9 months, I’ve had 474 successful bets out of 493 – a 96.1% strike-rate! You too can rake in the profits using the Football Cash Machine System. Read on…


“If I could show you a football betting system that is:

  • easy to use

  • has a very high strike-rate (in excess of 96%!)


  • produces a Return On Investment for each bet from 6% upto 10+%

would you be interested?”

My name is Chris Williams and many of you reading this will know my background in providing greyhound lay tipping services and systems as well as a series of highly-regarded football trading systems.

Just like you, I am always testing out new betting techniques to see if I can make it even easier to make money from Betfair with very little risk – after all, none of us likes to lose our betting bank with a run of bad results!

Over the past 3 months, I have been checking out a particular football betting market that seems to be more-or-less overlooked by most punters.

After a lot of research & testing, I have developed a system that is producing incredible results with strike-rates in excess of 96%

Of course, there will be the occasional losing bet (no system can be 100% successful) but any losses are more than made up by the winning bets.

Whilst I obviously cannot give precise details about the technique in this sales letter, I can tell you the following:

  • You need to visit a particular website any time before a football match starts. You apply 3 simple rules that are the main feature of the system – if the match meets the rules, then a bet is possible.

  • On Betfair, you need to check that the odds for the back bet that you will place anytime before the match kicks-off in the betting market that this system uses, is above a minimum figure (over 80% of selections are OK).

  • That’s it!

By now, you are probably wondering “Can I see some proof?”

This is difficult because showing proof would reveal the technique! But here are screenshots of my Betfair Profit & Loss account for February & March. The screenshots cover EVERY SINGLE ONE of the bets that I have placed using the Football Cash Machine System – I have of course blacked out the matches & bet type to protect the system:

In February, I placed 51 bets, 50 of which were successful (a 98% strike-rate!)

(Click on each image to enlarge)

Feb 2015 1-20Feb 2015 21-40Feb 2015 41-51

The profit is small because I used increasing stakes throughout the month. At the start I was using £2 stakes (and earning less than £1 per bet) and by the end I had increased the stake to £40. This explains why the single losing bet had a big impact on the profit for the month. Note that the profit shown is after Betfair commission has been deducted.

In March, I placed 59 bets and all 59 were successful (a 100% strike-rate!)

(Click on each image to enlarge)

March 2015 1-20March 2015 21-40March 2015 41-59

 As you can see, I made a few £s with every bet & made £202.64p in total profit (once again after Betfair commission). Whilst I did increase the stake size during the month, I did not increase it by as big a factor as in February.

In April, there were 96 bets of which 91 were successful (a 94.8% strike-rate). But even though the number of losing bets was higher than I would normally expect, I still ended up with a small profit! 

(and even just one less loser would have bumped the profit up by at least £120!)

April 2015 1-20April 2015 21-40April 2015 41-60April 2015 61-80April 2015 81-96 

In May, there were 65 bets and 63 were successful (a 96.9% strike-rate)

May 2015 1-20May 2015 21-40May 2015 41-60May 2015 61-65

Overall, there have been 263 successful bets out of 271 yielding a profit of £330-17p. This represents an average monthly increase in my betting bank (which is currently £869) of 12.7% – small but steady growth.

Compounding – even at a rate of just 12.7% – will grow my starting bank of £500 to £2K in 12 months; £8.8K in 24 months; and £37K in 36 months!

If you want to achieve the same sensational results, then you need to get Football Cash Machine!

As you can imagine, the above results have caused people to ask questions:

Q. “What stake did you use to generate the profit shown?”

A. When starting out using any new system, I do what every person should do (& yet I suspect many do not) and that is to start off using very small stakes.
My bets started off at £2 per match initially and I have steadily increased the stakes over time.

Q. “What profit can I make every month?”

A. This depends on the strike-rate that you achieve using the Football Cash Machine System and your stake size.
If you use £40 stakes and get an average profit per match of only £2-50p (it could be higher than this if you use any of the staking techniques detailed in Football Cash Machine), then for 60 matches you will make £150. 60 matches per month is only 15 matches per week and it is very easy to find this number of matches.
Suppose that 1 match out of the 60 is a losing bet (ie a 98% strike-rate), then your profit would be £110. Higher stakes would produce bigger profits, for example:
– £100 stakes could generate £275 each month (with a 98% strike-rate) – that’s £3300 p.a.
-£200 stakes could generate £550 per month that’s £6600 p.a.
– £1000 stakes could generate £2750 per month – that’s a very nice £33,000 p.a. And since all Betfair profits are TAX-FREE, you would need to earn about £45,000 in a job to end up with £33,000 in your pocket.
The above stakes may sound large, but with each stake being 20% of the betting bank (see next question), then even the £1000 stakes would require a £5000 bank which isn’t that big.
Now the above figures may not sound like much and – to be honest – you are very unlikely to end up making £250,000 per year using this system. BUT – Football Cash Machine is a nice, steady earner and can certainly give you some extra luxuries in your life. For example, you could easily pay the monthly payments on a brand new car, or take the family on a Mediterranean cruise!
 Note that there is no limit on bet size. If you wanted to place bets of £1000+, then you would be able to do so!

Q. “What size betting bank do I need?”

A. You will be pleased to learn that you don’t need a large betting bank to get started. In fact, I recommend that the stake for each back bet should be 20% of the betting bank. With £2 being the minimum Betfair bet, then you could start with a bank of only £10.
You may be surprised that I recommend a stake that is 20% of the betting bank – but it is pretty safe to do so with this system because the strike-rate is extremely unlikely to produce several losing bets in a row causing you to lose your betting bank.
You don’t need to worry about placing large bets. Even much larger betting banks will have no problem getting bets matched as the particular market that the system uses has high liquidity (several thousands or tens of thousands of £s per match).

Q. “What if I don’t want to spend time finding selections every day – is there an easy way that I can copy your bets?”

A. Yes there is. I fully appreciate that not everyone has enough spare hours in the day to be able to set time aside to use the Football Cash Machine System & make their own selections. So that is why I have a separate tipping service (www.FootballProfits.co.uk).
In a typical month, I provide somewhere in the region of 40+ bets. These are the bets that are shown in the above screenshots. Unlike many betting system sellers, I don’t just sell my systems to make money. I actually use my systems on Betfair to make money – that is why I can show you monthly results from my Betfair Profit & Loss account.
The tipping service subscription is a mere £15 per month. I have set it at this low level because I personally hate those tipping services that charge so much that you have to have a large number of winning bets each month just to cover the subscription. Depending on your stake size, you could easily cover the subscription for my service with just one or two bets!

Q. “Are there any independent reviews of the Football Cash Machine System?”

A.  There are several websites that have done a short review of Football Cash Machine. Here are some of them with links so that you can read the reviews for yourselves:
MakeMoneyForum.co.uk has produced a simple review that does not include any tests of the system, nor does it comment on my results on this page which I am updating very frequently. It does however conclude:
“there is definite potential to make money here”  and “Realistically though, Football Cash Machine System doesn’t appear to be a bad little system if you can get it at a reasonable price”
UKDropShop.com has produced a similar review to MakeMoneyForum. It concludes with the very reasonable assessment:
“If you are looking for something to immediately start making you money then Football Cash Machine System is definitely not for you. Whilst you will win much more often than not, you are looking at small amounts. This is really the whole point of Football Cash Machine System. It is a system designed to build a sustainable and long term income as opposed to high risk stakes on long shots. In this regard I feel that Chris Williams really delivers.”
More Money Review.com has conducted a proper review of Football Cash Machine. The reviewer states:
“In the period under review there have been 68 advised selections of which 1 did not make the minimum price stipulation. Of the remainder 66 won (98.5%) and using progressive staking on a daily basis the bank has increased by 121% (would have been 68% if not using the supplementary technique which came into play on 30 of the games) and an ROI of 7.72% is seen.
So within a month you are effectively playing with other peoples cash which cannot be too bad at all. It would be possible to start with minimal stakes and build your own bank thus allowing increased staking if required.”
You can read the full review by clicking here.

So what does the Football Cash Machine System consist of?

 You will download 3 videos (in wmv format so they can be played on any media player such as Windows Media Player) together with a printable pdf file which details the system rules.

Football Cash Machine Video 1 (41 mins)

In this video, I explain how the Football Cash Machine System was developed & the reasoning behind the technique. The rules of the system are explained in detail using two football matches to show how a match is selected as being suitable for a bet. Real bets are then placed on these matches and the results shown. Everything is done in step-by-step detail so that no-one should have any problems in using the system correctly.

Football Cash Machine Video 2 (39 mins)

In this video I go through the football matches being played on a typical Saturday & apply the system rules to identify three matches that are suitable for bets. Once again, everything is shown in step-by-step detail so that you will be easily able to follow along. By the end of this video, you should be able to make your own match selections for bets with confidence.

The video also shows the bets being placed on Betfair & whether the bets were successful or not.

Football Cash Machine Video 3 (21 mins)

The basic system gives you a Return On Investment of typically between 6% and 14% per match. However, there are some clever staking techniques that can allow you to increase the ROI quite substantially to figures in excess of 20-40%. In this video, I explain in step-by-step detail what these staking techniques are & how they are implemented.

 As you can see – with over 100 mins of video, a great deal of effort has gone into providing you with fully comprehensive instructions for using the Football Cash Machine System.

You are doubtless now wondering – how much is this going to cost?

The Football Cash Machine System is, I believe, the best method for making consistent, long-term profits that I have developed so far. Consequently, I do not intend giving it away but nor do I intend charging a ridiculously high price.

The price is therefore a very reasonable

Football Cash Machine

To use the Football Cash Machine System you will need the following:

  • A Betfair account (Please check before purchasing that you are allowed to set up an account from your country of residence. USA citizens certainly can not)

  • A betting bank – the bigger the better, but £10 is the absolute minimum.

 And that is all you need

Remember that if you don’t want to spend the time & effort picking selections every day, I do offer a tipping service that provides just the selections that I myself bet on. You can find this service at FootballProfits.co.uk. The monthly subscription is a very reasonable £15.


As ever when I produce a new system video, I get a very small minority of people who purchase the product & then want a refund (after they’ve downloaded it & looked at it of course). Well, guess what? – there is a ‘No refund’ policy with this product.

Once you have bought the videos, then you will not get your money back because you “didn’t like it” or felt that it “wasn’t profitable enough” or any of the other ridiculous excuses that I’ve heard over the years  from some people who try to get the results of my hard work for nothing. If you are the sort of person that thinks it is perfectly acceptable to do this, then please don’t buy any of my products!

I must hasten to add that the vast majority of my clients are very happy & appreciative of the time & effort that I put into recording detailed explanatory videos & dealing with email queries. I thank them for their support.


I hope that the above has given you the confidence to invest in the Football Cash Machine System & give it a try –

so just click on the purchase button below. You will be able to download the 3 videos plus the pdf as a zip file immediately after your purchase.

Football Cash Machine

If you encounter any problems with PayPal or downloading the product, then please contact me at losinglays@winning.com and I’ll do my best to sort things out.

Chris Williams